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Guns Need Marketing Overhaul


ramboRetailers selling firearms need an overhaul of their marketing strategies – pronto!

Anytime your business is in the center of an emotionally charged and highly public discussion it is high time to evaluate who your marketing is focused on and what you are saying to them.

The typical approach for those in favor of gun ownership is to hold up the Second Amendment and hide behind it. That just won’t cut it anymore.

Firearms brands like Remington, Thompson and others must team up with their retailers to educate American’s on guns.

Help us understand terms that are being tossed around. Terms like “assault weapon” and “semi-automatic” need clarification. Interestingly there is no assault classification in the firearms industry. But it is a term that has stuck and conjures images of Rambo blasting his way through a banana republic.

One obstacle President Barack Obama may face in proposing a new federal ban on assault weapons could lie in the use of the term “assault weapon” itself. The label, applied to a group of firearms sold on the civilian market, has become so politicized in recent decades that where people stand on the gun issue can often be deduced by whether or not they use the term.

Now that’s a problem. It’s next to impossible for the American people to have meaningful discussion about controlling the sale of certain firearms when common terminology is divisive and inaccurate.

C’mon gun marketers! Get on the stick. Clarify, educate and inform. The result can only improve your public image and set the stage for more factual dialogue.

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