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I Heart You

I Heart You

There’s a new trend in apparel that has nothing to do with fashion.

Leading this movement are brands you’ve likely never heard of before. Names like Misfit Wearables, Moondial and Cute Circuit. Remember the good old days of fashion, when brands had names like Ralph, Oscar and Tommy? There is very little Ralph in this apparel trend.

Wearable technology is the trend…and it’s here to stay.

Wearable technology is being used in sports and medical care to improve athletic performance, to monitor blood sugar levels and help people lose weight. Designers are incorporating tech elements into fabrics to give clothing a modern edge. It’s an unusual junction of cultural and technology where the ubiquitous nature of tech means that people interested in the fusion between portable circuits and fashion can now wear what’s “smart” and what computes.

Many of the wearable technologies make the spy gear – such as Maxwell Smart’s mobile phone/shoe – look, well, smart.

Take the tshirtOS from Cute Circuit. This is not your favorite t from the Phish concert in 1997. Cute Circuit has turned the t-shirt into the most creative canvas it can, made up of a large LED screen, camera, microphone, accelerometer and speakers for sound.

The T-shirt itself would act as a thin client with a small electrical brain, that can be paired up with the much larger processor in a person’s cell phone to make it the most “wearable, sharable, programmable” piece of clothing ever created.

What could you do with such an adaptable shirt? Connect it to Twitter, display your photos, status updates, play your music, snap images of people on the go, the options are almost endless.

None of which has any appeal to me. At least right now.

Seriously. I’m challenged by sorting laundry by color and temperature. Now do I also have to sort by AC or DC? What about solar? This is going to be tough.

For now I’m sticking with technology that’s old-school – hand-held. But I’ve never been labeled a fashionista, so there are no worries on my part.


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