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iPad Sales Signal the Death Of The PC


Since 2009 there’s been speculation about the death of the personal computer. In 2012 the potential of PC death was considered, by some, overstated.

In the world of marketing – PC’s need to be viewed as in decline.

The brains at TechRepublic reported that nearly two-thirds of the 500 CIOs (Chief Information Officers) surveyed expect the desk phone to disappear from everyday use within five years, with PCs are the next most likely to become redundant, according to 62% of CIOs.

This should come as no surprise. Mobile working has made any fixed hardware increasingly irrelevant, and the bring your own device trend has only accelerated the demise of the office phone and the desktop. In contrast, smartphones are seen by 13% of CIOs as the least likely devices to be abandoned.

Ask yourself – is your marketing in a desktop mode or mobile mode.

If your answer is desktop then it is time to rethink your approach to mobile. Mobile digital is not only a trend – it has the potential to save your brand from irrelevance.

How to make that happen will be covered in future posts here. Until then chew on this. Dell, long the staple of business desktop computing, is considering taking itself private. Why? Because it is likely that sometime in 2013 sales of Apple’s iPad will be greater than all of Dell’s total business.

This fact alone is telling in a couple of ways. Consumers, even business consumers, are changing their perception of need. Now that going mobile doesn’t require that you give up performance or functionality – why wouldn’t you choose mobile? And marketers must avoid sticking with outdated connection points. There’s no faster path to brand demise than to ignore mobile. Don’t do it.



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