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2013 Marketing Predictions


2013-year-630Okay. I’m going out on a limb – but just for you!

Here’s what’s going to happen in 2013. That is what you need to know, right?

2012 was a big year for social media – Facebook reached 1 BILLION users, Pinterest was the fastest growing site to hit the 10 million unique visitor mark, and companies all over realized they need to be present on social media to survive.

Most businesses, whether an SMB or a large corporation, have finally realized that it’s important to be active on social media. Now it’s time to get ahead of your competition by developing your marketing strategy for 2013.

Just look at some of the predictions:

Many think that social search is going to explode. Google is already one step ahead by launching Google Plus, and more networks are ready to adapt.

  • Experts think businesses will start targeting YouTube more aggressively as it becomes more of a social network
  • QR codes and other aspects of mobile are really going to explode in the online marketing world

I agree these – especially anything relating to mobile and mobile commerce. Mobile is here and you need to be on it.

But here is the one trend you cannot ignore in 2013. HONESTY.

Brands and businesses that are honest will win.

It’s likely the economy will be sluggish for another 3+ years. Fiscal Cliff, tax increases, gas price fluctuations, joblessness stagnation – these things weigh on consumers. How can they not?

In all times, but especially tough times, honesty has value.

Convince your customers you really want them to want you. Do whatever you can do to become beloved to your customers. Hire Jeanne Bliss to make your company customer-centric or a minimum read her book, “I Love You More Than My Dog“. She’s the real deal – and she didn’t even ask me or pay me to say this.

Be real. Be straightforward. Be your brand. That’s the trend.

Approach your customer relationships the same way you do personally. It takes an effort. Give to that relationship, with honesty, and your customers will thank you for it.

Hey, consumers. Put down your smartphone while you’re grocery shopping. Those Tweets are worthless. Connect with the brands that want you and you’ll be rewarded.

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  1. Juetta West permalink
    01/14/2013 9:33 pm

    Honesty will always win in the long run. Excellent article Rick.

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