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Try The David Bowie Effect For Your Brand


BOW46wTen years after his last release – a decade marked by speculation that the star had variously retired or become a recluse – David Bowie is back, with a new song and video which was immediately hailed as a masterpiece by fans who doubted this day would ever come.

Bowie’s brand has morphed from androgynous freak to style maven. Bowie’s brand has strengthened over the years based in good part by that metamorphosis. But also Bowie took time off from recording and performing. This gave fans the opportunity to miss his brand – and to want more of it!

Your brand, business or personal, may benefit from what I will call the David Bowie effect. Some times the best thing you can do for your brand is to give it a rest.

Most of us are annoyed when blasted by emails, over-exposed to TV spots or hear ear-worm radio commercial jingles. Don’t let that happen to your brand. It’s painful for all involved.

By giving your brand the space it deserves it will feel fresh to the world.

At 65 David Bowie is no longer the “Thin White Knight” be he’s still a heck of a performer.

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