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Half Price Sushi



Pricing of product or service is at the apex of importance for any business.

When properly done pricing provides the maximum return for the business while imparting a recognizable value to the consumer.

Pricing properly takes a fair understanding not only of margins but of the competition and trends. Mix in a bit of your own value-add. Consider your marketing. Know your target audience.

In other words, pricing is art and science.

Formulas and spreadsheets are helpful but until the head, heart and gut are working in concert – mathematically driven pricing is one-dimensional.

In our neighborhood there’s a newer grocery store that is part of a national chain. Along with the usual deli, wood-fire bakery, full-service butcher shop – is a complete sushi bar. This is the real deal. Customers come to the grocery just for the sushi.

In addition to the made to order sushi available at the bar, they make grab and go boxes of sashimi and rolls.

The sushi guys have figured out that their margins get crushed by wasted grab and go product. Day old sushi does not have great marketing cache’.

At around 7pm weeknights or 6pm weekends the prices of all the grab and go boxes are cut 50%. These are rolls made just an hour or so earlier, marked down from $12 to $6.

There are customers like me who purposely arrive to catch the markdown in process. That’s when the selection is best and the product is still in its prime.

Hand-rolling sushi is precise as well as artistic. Clearly the sushi guys have applied the same principle to their pricing – and clearly it is working for them. And, of course, for customers (like me) who have tapped into their pricing strategy.



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  1. 12/31/2012 8:16 am

    I’ve always been a little afraid of discount sushi… Thus this commercial works for me!

    • 12/31/2012 8:41 am

      I”be seen this spot. It works because it plays to our conventional thinking.

      Fortunately the half price sushi is not trucked in to a cheesy gas station convenience store. That stuff I”d definitely avoid!

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