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Law Firm’s Good Deed is Good Marketing


taxiWhen it comes to marketing for lawyers and law firms things are usually pretty basic. TV, billboards and radio are the most common channels. Production quality and cost is low – significantly exceeded by the media buy.

And they are incredibly predictable.

The lawyer talks about what may have happened to you, how you have been hurt or wronged and how his or her firm will make it all better. As a result a good number of these spots are ignored by anyone except those currently suffering the duress described by the lawyer.

Not so with the  Sawaya Law Firm of Denver. The firm offers free cab rides during the Holidays to “keep the streets safe”. In the spot, Michael Sawaya extends message about safe driving and reducing accidents.

The firm, a Colorado personal injury law firm celebrating its 35th year in business in Denver, is offering holiday revelers who have had too much to drink a free ride home. The program, called the “Free Holiday Cab Ride Program” is being offered by Michael Sawaya, the firm’s founder, the 10 day holiday season.

The program works like this:

Simply call a cab, get a ride from one location to your home, pay the cab driver and send the bill to The Sawaya Law Firm for reimbursement. There are some restrictions on mileage ridden, days of offer and total reimbursement but otherwise it is straightforward.

Sawaya has taken a bold move for lawyer marketing. Being promotional. And it is good. His firm’s TV spots go from predictably boring to noteworthy in an instant.

It may be difficult to quantify how this promotion translates into new clients or business for the firm but it is clear that it’s drawing attention among viewers. We wish the Sawaya Law Firm well after 35 years and hope its free cab ride promotion does indeed keep Colorado’s streets safer.

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  1. 12/28/2012 6:31 am

    That is a great move by them. I think we’re seeing more and more ’60’s relationship marketing’ again which those kind of campaigns. Just yesterday I saw someone posting a picture of a barber who gives free hair cuts for job interviews.

    • 12/28/2012 7:15 am

      Point well taken. In an age of social media, relationship marketing has greater potential than ever!

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