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Three Reasons Men’s Leggings Are Wrong


Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 6.25.30 AMStop it with the skirts and leggings, guys. That’s right, man…I’m talking to you.

It’s bad enough when singer/rapper Kanye wears a skirt over tight pants for a performance during the prime-time “12-12-12” Concert for Sandy Relief. After all he’s a performer and wearing outlandish apparel on-stage is a long-standing tradition among performers.

But now there’s this…

“Meggings”, as the male leggings are known, are now all the rage in sartorial circles in the US. Celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Russell Brand and Lenny Kravitz have all been spotted wearing leggings, and fashion stores Uniqlo, Barneys and Nordstrom are selling tights for men. Apparently the fact that men have been wearing “skinny” jeans makes the progression to leggings natural. Let me clue you in, guys. There’s nothing natural about wearing leggings.

This requires a solid WTF.

Why are men insecure about what they wear in the first place? For 99.9999% of men it is important to dress like a responsible adult. You don’t have to dress like your on the set of Mad Men or do you have to look like your some kind of trend setter. What’s wrong with wearing a blazer, crisp shirt, tailored pants/jeans and real shoes? Nothing – that’s what!

Instead we’ve got guys dressing like kids, which I covered in “When Did Men Stop Dressing Like Men” in September 2011. The bottom line of that article was – “Dress like a man. Guess what’ll happen? You’ll feel more like a man too. And that’s a good thing.” Or worse, men dressing like women.

Here’s why wearing leggings is wrong:

  1. Unnecessary Attention – Guys wearing anything that draws attention to what they’re wearing are asking for trouble. When dressing a man’s goal should always be to have people think to themselves…hmm, he looks great – never to say, “Wow, leggings!”.
  2. Regretable Memories – Remember some of the goof ball fashions of the seventies? You see people in photos and laugh. That’s what meggings will do for you.
  3. Too Much Information – Face it, meggings will expose your package (which should never happen outside the bedroom or locker room) and also show off your butt – which for most men is not a good thing.

Guys if you want to get out of the khakis and dad jeans mode – that’s fine. I get it. I support it. But don’t go 180 degrees to meggings. It’s not necessary and it’s just not manly. ‘Nuff said.

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  1. Eliza permalink
    12/19/2012 11:06 am

    Leggings for men are great! They are not a bad trend and there is nothing wrong with them. Men wore them exclusively for ages before they became women’s garments. Granted, right now they are more of a shocking fashion anomaly, but the trend has a solid foundation in athletic-wear and I think they will be a staple of casual-wear in the years to come. They will settle down and seem more “normal” in a very short time. If you think they are emasculating then your self-imposed vision the masculine is very fragile. And as for where it will lead us… men in skirts? Bring it on! I welcome you to the world of skirts! And for that matter, welcome to high heels too! Come on in, it’s beautiful here!

    • 12/19/2012 1:43 pm

      I’m cool with the “to each his/her own” outlook on this.

      My self-confidence is firmly in place and I actually have pretty good legs. But I have no interest in wearing tights other than for cold-weather running. And definitely have zero interest in looking at other men wearing tights.

      As for skirts and high-heels…that’s just wrong. There’s no valid case to be made for men to wear either.

      • Eliza permalink
        12/22/2012 12:31 am

        To be absolutely honest there is no case for any kind of particular clothing other than that which is needed to protect us from the elements. But, here we are with all sorts of made up rules, habits, conventions, styles, etc., which dictate what kind of clothes we wear. There is no valid reason why women wear skirts and heels, but we wear them. We love them and men love it when we where them. There is not sensible reason for a neck-tie on a man, but you wear them. There are just by habit that we thing skirts are for women and pants are for men.
        The only thing that prevents us from wearing one thing rather than other is some sort of self-imposed set of rules. Well, sometimes those rules are broken and then repealed. Sometimes things change. This is one of those times.

      • skie permalink
        10/17/2013 10:30 pm

        So what’s the valid case for women to wear skirts and high heels? You’re another sexist who think men should seek approval before wearing anything out of the ordinary, but women can get away with any risque fashion. Typical backward thinker. You are limiting yourself and your fashion choices only on you. Don’t think for a second that your comment will limit other men’s choice of fashion. I certainly won’t be. I don’t even need great legs with wear leggings. I can go out and wear whatever I want without seeking your approval, which I think is plain stupid.

  2. skie permalink
    10/17/2013 10:25 pm

    This person is obviously either homophobic or a repressed follower of what the society says it’s alright to wear. Leggings are unisex clothing items and therefore perfectly acceptable for both men and women to wear in any occasion. I don’t agree calling meggings the leggings for men. Why should male clothing items receive a different word? That’s sexism, discrimination and prejudice. Meggings is a sexist term for people like you. So you say leggings exposes the private shapes of male body? Well, look at girls, they are wear leggings all the time, exposing their camel toes, legs and naked asses! What gives women the right to be risque, but not men? Fashion aside, leggings are way more comfortable and easier to put on and off compared to jeans or office pants. I would be wear leggings to shopping, exercises, swimming and much more. And how do leggings make men less manly? So you’re saying batman and superman are not manly? You obviously need to think out of the box before you assume and write this ridiculous article that only small and shallow minded individuals like you will read and agree to.

    At least be fair, if you think men should not wear leggings, then why do you not impose the same rule upon girls and women? Because you are a shallow, small minded sexist.

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