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Retailers Slow On Mobile Experiences


Woman Using Barcode Reader Through Smart PhoneThe nation’s top retailers have adopted basic mobile tactics but are surprisingly slow in integrating mobile into their overall marketing and selling strategies. Few offer up-and-coming in-store mobile experiences such as mobile payments and augmented reality.

Only one in 10 of the top 50 retailers offer digital experiences such as augmented reality, in-store loyalty applications and digital barcode coupons. However, 82% have basic mobile offerings such as a mobile optimized site.

Surprisingly many of the top 50 brands, if they have a mobile presence at all, are still only doing the basics in mobile. And even then some of the basics are being missed: Only 18 of 50 offered click to call, a feature many mobile users would consider a high priority.

Why is this?

Perhaps the energy placed into social media – which has led to virtually no quantifiable success has made for wary marketers. If that’s the case, the comparison of mobile or mobile commerce to social media is apples to oranges. Mobile is entirely an additional channel to sell and market – just as online, stores and catalogs are.

As ‘showrooming’ becomes more prevalent, providing the ability for customers to purchase products via mobile devices while in-store is becoming more and more important for top brands – that is unless you’re ok with losing sales to your competitors. It takes some thought into how to execute in-store mobile purchases well, which is most likely the primary reason for the low percentage of brands offering the capability at this time. But if putting thought into this and other mobile capabilities isn’t a priority – what the heck is?

Time is precious. Consumers are pushing mobile fast. This is no time for retailers to be timid about being where consumers are.

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