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Walmart Black Friday 2012


Black Friday began Thursday evening at Walmart.

Black Friday is not about instant gratification.

Parking was an adventure at the Super Center store we visited in Littleton, CO. Off-duty cops kept cars at a safe pace but moving. Cars tucked onto the grass, shipping dock areas and even the gas station next door. The store was jammed with bargain hunters, thrill seekers, super-shoppers and those dragged along (like me). Total time finding a parking space 10 minutes.

Inside we found the line for the mega-TV that was door-buster half-price off. There were 10 TV’s left when we arrived at 8:30pm for the 10pm Door-Buster. Total wait-in-line time. 90 minutes.

At 10pm we receive a payment slip (with the TV’s barcode) and make the mad dash to a cash register. As there were several door busters busted at 10pm hundreds of other shoppers were beelining to the registers with us. We headed to the Pharmacy. The two registers there filled fast. We were number 3 in line. Issues with a transaction slowed us down but we escaped faster than most of the bargain hunters. Total check-out time 15 minutes.

Next we hustled to our car. Then we got in que to get the TV from the loading dock. Total wait-in-car time 15 minutes.

With 30 minutes round-trip drive time and unload the beast of a TV another 10 minutes…we’ve invested nearly 3 hours into the Black Friday event.

It’s odd but even as an accidental merchant I don’t get the pleasure of the Black Friday experience. Apparently I’m in the minority.

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