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Thanksgiving Dinner Ready-To-Eat From Whole Foods Market


Thanksgiving dinner is a feast of epic proportions. Turkey, several side dishes, baked goods, deserts, appetizers – it’s a meal like no other. And that’s what makes it so great.

But Thanksgiving dinner is also epic in terms of shopping and post-meal clean up.

While they can’t help with the clean up, Whole Foods Markets has a solution for the front end. Beginning this week, Whole Foods shoppers can have a holiday meal – and more – ready for pick up during the week of Thanksgiving at their nearest store via the grocer’s online ordering system.

This Thanksgiving, Whole Foods is offering ready-to-serve side dishes, including traditional stuffing and mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and turkey gravy. As an added bonus, all side items are available for purchase in convenient oven-ready, table-ready white porcelain that can be reused.

Whole Foods offers several options for those looking to take a little stress out of the big feast.

If you want to put all your effort into cooking the best bird on the big day, order your fresh ready-to-cook turkey  and let Whole Foods take care of all the sides. Is your green bean casserole legendary? Don’t want to give up grandma’s creamed corn? Let your family make the side dishes and Whole Foods cooks the turkey.  Would you rather sit back and give thanks for not having to cook? Order your fully prepared Thanksgiving meal – turkey, sides, desserts, everything – and pick it up, ready to heat and eat, at your local store.

Anyone who’s shopped at Whole Foods before knows it’s tough to get out of there without spending a whole paycheck. You can read my thoughts on the subject from Oct 2011 at “$80 Bag of Groceries“.

But this concept is brilliant.

Shoppers going to pick up their pre-ordered Thanksgiving dinners will invariably drop some serious additional cash on odds and ends. As a result WF is seen as the source for the entire Thanksgiving feast – which might just become a tradition, insuring repeat business next holiday season.

Whole Foods is a savvy retailer. Now if they could just get the parking lot deal figured out.

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