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Faith Hill Smokes The Stones In NFL TV Openers


The NFL’s selection of the Rolling Stones as part of its Monday Night Football programming does little for the NFL brand.

ESPN is commemorating the Rolling Stones’ 50th anniversary on Monday nights throughout the NFL season with “Legend to Legend,” a collaboration combining “Monday Night Football” with classic tracks from the Stones.

If you recall in October 2011 ESPN pulled its long-time Monday Night Football introduction with singer Hank Williams, Jr. after he made comments comparing President Obama to Hitler. Not a good career move for HWJ.

But the selection of the Rolling Stones is a head-scratcher on several levels.

The band will be all over ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” coverage this year — except during the introduction. ESPN will no longer use musicians or music groups on the “Monday Night Football” introduction, as has become the common practice on most sports telecasts.

Football is a uniquely American game. The Stones’ attempt to come off as American is flat. What is their correlation to our favorite sport? In fact the entire production lacks energy and a connection to Monday Night Football.

Contrast that with Sunday Night Football where country music sweetheart Faith Hill who is as American as apple pie, hot dogs and (especially) football, is the show’s designated performer. Hill has returned for her sixth consecutive season as country music’s ambassador to America’s favorite sport, performing the theme song ‘Waiting All Day for Sunday Night’.

There’s no comparison between the two musical introductions.

Hill’s song which is musically based on the Joan Jett classic ‘I Hate Myself for Loving You’ has the energy and the lyrics to pump up the crowd. Additionally the line – ‘Waiting all day until Sunday night’ is brilliant. It essentially says all the other games played on Sunday are secondary to the importance of the Sunday night game.

In addition to being a terrific voice, Hill’s leggy performance appeals to the largely male audience of televised football.

NBC appears to have a greater grasp of the unique mix of sport and entertainment that has come to be a part of NFL football.

The presence of the Rolling Stones doesn’t deter me from watching MNF but I’ll be grabbing a beer during the Stones intro tonight.

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