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Barkley’s Weight Watcher Ad Makes BIG Claims


Over two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or obese, and over one-third are obese.1

With that large an audience (no pun intended) it’s no wonder the U.S. weight loss market is valued at $60.9 billion. An eye-popping figure like $60.9 billion would appear to be a marketers dream. Not so.

America’s estimated 75 million dieters—about 80% of whom try to lose weight by themselves, are fickle and shift from fad to fad. These shifts in dieter preferences spell boom or bust for diet companies. American dieters in 2009-2010 were faced with a lousy economy, rising gas prices, and limited discretionary dollars for weight loss programs. Consequently, they are spending their weight loss dollars very carefully.

The typical American dieter now makes 4 weight loss attempts per year—the highest number in 15 years. 80% want an inexpensive, low-cost, home-based plan.

But who is the typical American dieter? Men face the issue at the same rate as women, but until recently, ads for weight loss products mostly featured female faces and voices. The female-centric advertising has had the inadvertent effect of scaring men away.

Well…until now.

Enter Charles Barkley, former NBA player and noted big talker.

Losing weight has its perks. You can expect more energy and smaller pant sizes, but guys, did you think to expect this? ‘Nuff said.

1 – According to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2003–2006 and 2007–2008.

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