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Please Move The Deer Crossing – If Only Customers Behaved Like Deer


One of the challenges of marketing is measurability.

To connect the dots between the marketing action and the customer action is the holy grail of marketing. It’s nearly impossible to attribute a customer walking into a store to make a purchase based upon seeing a billboard. It’s equally difficult to accurately state that a social media like or follow results in a purchase.

Measurability is why marketers, and sellers, are drawn to digital marketing. The correlation between marketing action and customer action is completely measurable. Calculating return on investment of marketing is simplified.

Apparently some people believe that marketing, including roadside signage, is very powerful. Even powerful enough to cause action by, of all things – deer.

This audio clip from Y94 Playhouse, a Fargo, North Dakota radio station is too funny to not find a way for more people to hear it so thus, this video. The 3:52 run time video has been viewed a stunning 1.9 million times on YouTube. In the audio a woman is asking for help to get deer crossing signs moved from busy streets and highways to those less traveled. She is convinced the signs encourage deer to cross where the signs are placed.

If only it were that easy. Place an ad, billboard or spot and get out of the way. Perhaps we might learn something from a focus group of deer.

This YouTube video has audio – so if you’re watching at work you may want to turn down the volume before playing. Enjoy!

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  1. Emily Braun permalink
    10/17/2012 9:30 am

    As always, you comments are insightful and humorous. Thank you for starting my day with a smile.

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