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Companion For Life


Several of today’s tech gadgets have become indispensable tools of everyday living. I keep my smartphone at my side 24/7,  Think about it for a minute…your smartphone is used for communication, information, entertainment, organization, spending, creating and sharing. Each of these tasks are integral to daily living.

But what if you have to open a bottle of wine?

That’s why I always carry a Swiss Army knife. The only other tool I’ve ever carried 24/7 is my Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. I rotate between the Officer’s Knife and the Classic, depending on what my day is going to be – but I’m never without a blade, scissors and screw drivers.

The history of the Swiss Army knife is straightforward. Seeking to create a domestic version of the pocketknife carried by German soldiers, Swiss cutlery company Victorinox began manufacturing the Soldier’s Knife in 1891. It had four basic folding tools: a blade, an awl, a can opener and a screwdriver. Six years later, the company created its now-iconic Swiss Army Knife. This larger tool, patented as the Officer’s and Sports Knife, featured a second, smaller blade and a corkscrew. Though the Swiss Army Knife was never manufactured for military use, Victorinox’s Soldier’s Knife is still standard issue in the Swiss army.

Since that time Victorinox has expanded its line with tools aimed at sailors, golfers and even computer geeks.

On the website the brand’s position reflects my relationship with the company’s product perfectly – simply stated, “Companion for Life”. Perfect.

As important to my everyday living as my smartphone is – my relationship with that tool is temporary. I know a newer version is about to be launched every few months. But my knife is timeless. It’s never let me down. It’s been my companion for life.

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