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Duck Tape Merchandising


There appears to be no shortage of creative thinking at ShurTech Brands in Akron, Ohio. While ShurTech is not a household name, one of their brands is – Duck Tape.

Duck Tape, once known as duct tape, has functional origins and has proven invaluable to more than a few homeowners, outdoorsmen and college students. Duck tape is so essential many will keep a roll (or partial roll) in every vehicle, floor of the house, sport bag, etc. – just like their reading glasses. It’s tough to get by without either one of them.

Seems like the crew at ShurTech has gone a little wacky with the merchandising of their famous tape product. In the last couple of years they’ve added colors, limited patterns and camo to the assortment. But like many merchants, they couldn’t stop tinkering with what they had.

As a result Duck Tape is now available in glow in the dark colors, a couple dozen prints as well as college and NFL licensed logo’d tape. Does the splintered handle of your hand axe really need duct tape with the Denver Broncos logo on it? I didn’t think so.

To their credit the Duck Tape merchants have leveraged their products’ following into brand interaction. The Duck Tape Jack-O-Lantern contest, customizing one’s Halloween pumpkin with Duck Tape has over 500 images in the 2011 “gallery”. Duck Tape has 5.2 million likes on Facebook.

At some not too distant point in the future Duck Tape will run out of new ideas and it will scale back to it’s more humble and functional origins. Until then we’ll buy Duck Tape with Candy Corn and Spiders prints for Halloween and decorate our pumpkins with the stuff.

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