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Manliness vs. Facebook


Remember when being a man was cool? I do.

My dad was a man. My father-in-law was a man. My junior high school phy ed teacher was a man.

My dad was a classic man. Ivy League, pipe smoking, a traveler…but couldn’t handle a two-cycle motor powered tool if his life depended on it. My father-in-law was a man. Hard-working, baseball playing, gettin’ by kind of man who couldn’t tie a four-in-hand knot if his life depended on it. Mr. Kanock, my gym teacher, was a man. There was no room for wimps in his class. Do a hundred sit-ups in 60-seconds and you’re in the OK club. Run the 100-yard dash in less than 13 seconds and you’re OK. But Kanock couldn’t tell you how to improve your physical performance if his life depended on it.

Tough standards. But standards they were.

The best way to excellence is to strive to excel. To be better. For most of us a task-master is required. Someone to set the rules, boundaries and expectations.

Perhaps that’s why I respond so well to the Brut’s spoof on Facebook called “Mantervention“.

I quit Facebook earlier this week. I decided, for me at least, being on Facebook was not manly. But more importantly Facebook is a time-waster that I don’t have time to waste on. Believe me, the kid’s at Facebook don’t make it easy to close your account. I actually had to consult Google to learn how to shut down my Facebook account. I was there I found the Brut deodorant “Facebook isn’t manly” campaign. Pretty funny stuff. The interactive aspect of “Mantervention” comes via the magic of profile access. And that’s what makes the piece work.

Brut, the deodorant products for men brand, is up against very tough competition. Old Spice has been virally successful on social media and Axe, with its testosterone charged marketing is eye-candy for men. Brut is like the Burt Reynolds of manliness. Aged, a little hairy, but still has the edge and swagger.

Sean Connery as 007 was a man and cool. Roger Moore as 007 was not cool. My Dad introduced me to Sean Connery – at least on the big screen. Connery’s 007 was a gentleman and a cad. And that’s what made him cool.

It is impossible for a male over the age of 30 to be a gentleman and a cad on Facebook. Give it up. Move on. Don’t compromise your manliness by posting a kitty video on Facebook. Move on. Leave no trace.

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  1. Joe Mangan permalink
    09/26/2012 8:37 am

    Good laughin’!!

    Now I feel so much better…I have been agonizing the past several years for not being on Facebook!

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