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I Fired Facebook


I fired Facebook…and I feel fine.

Yesterday I dropped off a major part of the social media landscape. I permanently deleted my Facebook account. While its unlikely to reverberate the social world it made my world a little lighter.

“Facebook is a young man’s game” a friend, who is younger, told me recently. I let the comment sit a few weeks. Over the weekend while beating myself up in another “young man’s game” – single-track mountain biking I concluded I was up to the challenge of mountain biking, but not Facebooking.

Here’s why I set myself free of Facebook.

  • I tired of emails in my inbox, “Rick, you have notifications pending”.
  • Sometimes I don’t feel like wishing someone a happy birthday.
  • Everyone else has a cooler life than me.
  • I don’t need to see what my children are up to.
  • I shouldn’t “friend” my children’s friends.
  • I like some people but I don’t agree with their social/political views…and that makes it more difficult to like them.

If all of that makes me a curmudgeon, so be it.

Apparently there are others who aren’t keen on Facebook. The words “quit facebook” returns 128,000,000 results on Google.

In cutting ties with Facebook I found an app from Brut, the man’s deodorant brand, called “Mantervention”. The app, ironically on Facebook says, “Let’s face it: posting stuff on Facebook isn’t the most macho pursuit in the world. So, if you’re of the male persuasion and fear that the social platform is making you soft, you might want to avail yourself of Brut’s latest Facebook app.”

The deodorant maker’s app is basically a 5-minute or so video in which a stubbly guy berates you and some of your posts. The interactive aspect comes via the magic of profile access – yielding an image from my Facebook profile. Scary.

To underscore his point, the Mantervention man makes his pitch in a room full of stereotypical Facebookers — such as The Networker, Hashtag Harry, Mr. TMI, the Philosopher and “Sign My Petition” Chick.

Whether the app will convince you to quit Facebook is one thing. Whether it will persuade you to buy Brut’s grooming products is another. After all, the brand faces some pretty stiff competition on the social media front from Old Spice.

I’m done with Facebook…and I won’t go soft.

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  1. Kevin permalink
    10/03/2012 1:47 pm

    Rick.. In all the years I’ve known you, I’m glad to have finally beaten you at SOMETHING. (Kidding, of course… Well, at least SOME…)

    I quit FB a few months ago for the same reasons. Welcome back!

    • 10/03/2012 2:23 pm

      You’ve always been a leading edge kind of guy…glad you’ve seen the light as well.

  2. 10/16/2012 8:01 am

    Quit about a month ago Rick. I feel fine too. Best wishes.


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