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Have Fun With Your Brand


Business is serious, well…business. Forecasting, supply chain, human resources, IT…all serious stuff. But marketing is perhaps where business can have a little fun.

Humor, self-depreciation, attitude – all opportunities to have fun with your brand. Fun, however, is not the goal. Being memorable is.

Having fun with your brand takes many business managers out of their comfort zone – which isn’t always bad. But fun and humor have their share of risks. If it misses the mark it might just as easily be seen as sophomoric as clever. If mishandled it can be a disaster.

It’s likely you may have a few favorites. We do. But it’s a pleasure to call out a small company’s branding that flies below the radar of advertising and marketing pundits.

Just the other day while going by a construction site we saw a clever bit of marketing that warranted a double take. The job site was clearly marked as belonging to Kuhl Design + Build in Hopkins, MN. According to their website, “We are a full service, residential design/build company specializing in large remodels and whole house renovations. We do not create compelling designs, we discover them. We do this by gaining insight into who you are, how you live and how you want to live. We believe that an opportunity exists within every design to develop a unique solution.” Sounds great. Sort of we listen, we explore and we excel.

It appears the firm makes sure their clients have a 360 degree great experience with the Kuhl. The website is great, vehicles are branded, but the on-site potty’s are the conversation piece for every Kuhl client. While their home is being built or rebuilt they are lucky enough to have a Kuhl Stool on the site. Simple, low-cost, memorable.

When it comes to fun branding the Kuhl Stool knocks it out of the park.

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