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Dodge Dart – Some Brand Names Shouldn’t Come Back


2013 Dodge Dart

The 2013 Dodge Dart. What? The Dodge Dart is back. A 60 second spot on Thursday Night Football says so.

Over the years the Dart went through as many personality changes as Lady Gaga switches get ups during a concert. And for 2013 the Dart is back.

The Dart was Dodge’s entry in the compact market. Introduced in 1960, the first generation Dodge Dart was actually just a small full-size car. It was “reborn” in 1963 as a true compact. The Dart lineup would continue to evolve, and included Demon and Swinger models as well as the Dodge Sport and the Dart GTS.

It seems two American car brands – GM and Dodge see the good old days through lenses that are lost on consumers – including myself. Dodge, including the Dart has resurrected muscle car brands like Charger and the Barracuda (formerly under the Plymouth badge) while Chevy has brought back Camaro. Ford tried it with the Thunderbird then set its sights on building exceptional cars in the 20th century (according to Joe Biden).

Ford has succeeded. The other two are less sure of themselves.

Cars like Camaro, GTO (Pontiac) and Thunderbird were truly distinctive. The Dart was not. It will be interesting to see how many personality changes the 2013 model will go through before it’s pulled from the line up.

1965 Dodge Dart

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