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Shoppers Warn Retailers To Go Mobile Or Go Away


Holiday 2012 will be the official breakout of mobile marketing for businesses selling to consumers – especially small to mid-sized businesses (SMB’s).

A survey from Strongmail found that 75 percent of marketers without a current mobile strategy have plans to develop one within the next year. Strongmail’s 2012 Mobile Marketing survey found that 14 percent of business owners plan to dive into mobile within the next six months, 29 percent in the next 6-12 months, and 32 percent will do it in the next year or more.

And those marketers currently putting off mobile should know they have only have a short window where they’ll be able to ignore this trend. The world and the market are becoming increasingly mobile-reliant. If you want your customers to be able to find you, your business must go where they are. And they’re on the move.

There are a whole host of stunning statistics about the use, penetration and desire for mobile apps and mobile optimized web services. If you’re a retailer there’s only stat that matters:

54% of mobile holiday shoppers warn retailers of the consequences when they don’t provide an app

Drill down to see what motivates that comment. The top concern by shoppers (30%) is that they could waste a trip to the store looking for items the store doesn’t carry or have in stock. 25% feel they’ll miss out on the best deals. 19% say a retailer without mobile makes them think the brand is “old-fashioned”. I could lose time (17%) or lose money (12%) are up there as well. Here’s where the dagger goes deep. 7% say a retailer without mobile apps doesn’t respect its customers. And another 7% a lack of mobile will hurt loyalty to the store.

Business is tough enough as it is. The economy is stuck in low gear. Prices of gas and other essentials remain high, siphoning discretionary dollars into necessity spending. Why alienate, disconnect or underserve your customers? Get on mobile and do it now!

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