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Same Day Delivery Will Send The Competition Packing

08/14/2012 has forever transformed consumers’ shopping habits and helped to hasten the growth in online retail. But there was always one area that thwarted Amazon’s reach: immediate gratification. Same-day shipping has been the bane of Amazon’s existence and the single leverage brick-and-mortar retailers held over its online challenger.

The prospect of same day delivery for eCommerce orders is right around the corner. And when it is announced it will be a game-changer, both among eCommerce competitors but also for bricks and mortar retail.

Both Amazon and Google are gearing up for the concept.

About 3 weeks ago it was reported that Amazon was about to announce same day delivery – possibly for as soon as next year. The Seattle-based company has been planning to add new distribution centers across the U.S. in states such as New Jersey, Texas, California, Virginia and Indiana and these new warehouses will be able to ship online purchases to consumers living in that state within hours.

Google contracts with a fleet of drivers for its Street View mapping project. Unconfirmed sources claim that Google is evaluating having those same drivers deliver goods in their spare time? That feels a bit more far-fetched than the Amazon concept but either way it is fair to say Holiday 2013 might be the same-day holiday season.

With mobile impacting over 5% of all retail transactions this year – it is inadvisable for retailers to ignore mCommerce. Pile on a dose of same-day delivery and retailers might find themselves in a predicament that will likely be the demise of many brands.

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