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Need Help Shopping Online? Get Lucky


2012 may be the beginning of personal shopping online.

Personal shoppers have been around for over 30 years. Personal shoppers are those who work closely with their clients (often just regular folks who don’t trust their own tastes in apparel) to build the client’s wardrobe in an efficient and lasting manner.

Lucky magazine has gained a reputation as a filter of all the apparel noise that assaults shoppers these days. With Lucky in hand a woman can shop confidently.

On Aug. 17, the magazine will introduce a shopping site called (here’s a link to their current site)  that will direct readers to buy clothing and accessories directly from more than a dozen retailers like Macy’s and Sephora. Instead of directing shoppers to store sites to buy items, a shopper never has to leave the site and can keep items from multiple stores in her shopping cart. Shoppers also can click on versions of Web sites like Macy’s, only with a narrower list of merchandise organized by Lucky editors.

The magazine/retailer collaboration is not new. In fact it has been launched, then failed shortly thereafter, by several leading brands including JCPenney (with Esquire) and Park & Bond (GQ). Lucky’s point of difference is that they are not looking for content for their publication. They seek venues to leverage their expertise.

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