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Logos On NBA Uniforms – Have We Run Out of Things to Brand?


There’s a high likelihood that corporate logos will appear on the uniform of NBA teams at the start of the 2013/14 season. And while this announcement has been largely overshadowed by the London Olympics – there are many sports fans who are quite opinionated on the subject.

There are many like me, who believe the logos come with a cost. What if I don’t like the corporate sponsor whose logo is emblazoned across the jersey of my beloved team? Is my loyalty compromised?

In the end the discussion among team owners was not about team identity or the fans. It was, as you might guess, about money. Team owners stand to make around 10 million simolians by littering their teams’ jerseys with corporate logos. Money talks.

The women’s league, the WNBA, jumped into the fray last season. Of course, some say the league needed the revenue to stay afloat. The prominence of the corporate logos on WNBA jerseys raised more than a few eyebrows. Let’s hope the NBA uses more discretion than the WNBA.

The NFL will certainly follow the NBA. Then what’s left?

Unfortunately it feels like marketers are running out of things to brand. The National Parks? I could see the Arches National Park in Utah easily becoming the Golden Arches National Park.

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