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Smartphones Influence In-Store Sales


If you are retailer who is sitting on the smartphone sidelines you might change your mind after reading this.

Consumers are using their smartphones for store-related shopping when close to or at the point of making a purchase, rather than as a passive shopping medium. 60 percent of mobile shoppers use their phones in the store and another 50 percent use their smartphones en route to the store.

Appliance and electronic shoppers are most prone to use smartphones in-store – 49 percent, which translates to 8.3 percent of sales in those stores. But other retailers such as grocers, apparel and department stores are experiencing a 5.1 percent influence on purchases by smartphone users.

All this “influence” adds up to some serious dollars too. Smartphone influenced purchasing is forecasted to hit $159 billion in 2012 – increasing to as much as $689 billion in 2016.

Apps by third-party providers as well as the retailers themselves are driving conversion. The conversion rate for a retailer’s dedicate app was an eye-popping 85 percent.

Conversion rates like that cannot go unaddressed by any retailer in today’s economy and competitive environment.

For retailers of all stripes its tough to argue with the numbers and it’s tougher still to capture those customers making purchases at your competitors via smartphone apps.

Thanks to the Deloitte report, “The Dawn of Mobile Influence” for inspiration.

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