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Government Needs A Smarter Brand Perception


An Actual Speed Limit Sign – HIghlands Ranch, CO

Government, from local municipalities to the U.S. government, is suffering from a perception problem. Consumers of government services, that’d be you and me, have been barraged by decision-making that in only in the most generous terms could be considered half-baked.

From bans on larger-sized “sugary” drinks to painful service at the DMV to the bizarre speed limit sign at left, government appears to be hell-bent on making life a pain for its customers (that’d be you and me).

All of this tinkering with seemingly insignificant stuff – such as the calories we consume in a soft drink becomes increasingly ridiculous as real problems such as jobs, deficit spending, service reductions seem to go unnoticed by our government service providers. We (that’d be you and me) should be outraged by this lack of focus on the priorities we (that’d be you and me) rank higher than soft drink consumption limits.

Plus our government service providers don’t seem to have a sense about how its consumers (that’d be you and me) respond to their mandates. Can’t buy 16 oz. sugary soft drinks? Ok, I’ll buy two 8 ouncers. Want to avoid a ticket in a 17 1/2 mph zone? Give yourself a 9% ceiling above (that’d be 19.075 mph). If we don’t like it, we’ll find a work around.

When private entities make poor decisions, deliver service poorly or introduce illy conceived products they are firmly rebuked or shunned – remember the Netflix debacle? Last September I wrote “Netflix Needs To Be Fixed“. Netflix raised prices in a poorly thought through strategy that sent over 800,000 customers fleeing. The company’s stock price suffered, the CEO was publicly vilified and customers changed to RedBox and other services for their entertainment needs.

Unfortunately government enjoys a monopoly. But we do elect the leadership. This fall we (that’d be you and me) must send a message to all levels of government that we deserve better than what we are receiving. It’s high time for government to appear strong, smart and representative of its constituents – as opposed to where it’s at now…meddling around the obscure edges of absurdity.

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