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Bonobos – There’s Magic In Our Pants


Bonobos is the trending brand in men’s apparel. They position themselves at the intersection of fit and color. Not a bad place to be.

The brand is targeted at guys who care about their clothes, how they fit and how they look. That’s probably a minority of men – based upon what one sees waltzing around American cities these days.

The Bonobos website is on target with presenting their product in a manner that guys can be comfortable with. Models are seen hefting beer kegs and headlines like “Fairway to heaven” (for their golf apparel) make the site feel approachable.

Dressing for men has become sketchy these days. Office casual has become a problem. The standard mix of blousey oxford shirt over white t-shirt with khakis looks dated and sloppy.

Pants have become particularly problematic.

The wide-legged, double pleated fit of the late-90’s and early new millenium worked well for most body shapes and levels of fitness. Now that look is tired. Today’s trend towards a sleeker, tighter fit is less forgiving and pushes many men out of their comfort zone.

Bonobos has tackled the problem head on. They have “magic in their pants”. And what guy doesn’t want a little of that? To accomplish this “magic” Bonobos has:

Created a revolutionary curved waistband – This is brilliant so pay attention here; “Take your belt off and hold it by the buckle. The belt was perfectly straight when you bought it, right? Well then why is it so curved now? Because that’s how your waist is actually shaped.” Good stuff, right? Makes sense too.

Tackled “diaper butt” – Also smart; “Most guys aren’t even aware this problem exists—probably due to how infrequently we gaze upon our own butt. Pull on a pair of Bonobos and everyone else will find your backside looking magnificently diaper-free. Even random strangers on the street.”

A cut for real American guys – This is critical; “Not too tight, not too loose. Our pants have found a happy place based on extensive research into how American dudes are actually built. Hallelujah.”
Bonobos is a web-only clothing company that wants to sell men’s trousers that fit – without the need for fitting rooms. It might be time put a little magic in your pants.

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