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Sexy Mandarin – Learning Unconventionally


How Do You Say, “I Feel Faint”?

Sexy Mandarin is an online resource for non-Mandarin speaking people to learn Mandarin.

It’s also a source of online oogling.

The site uses attractive “models” like the “nurse” at left to teach visitors how to say important things such as, “I’m thirsty” in Mandarin.

Sexy Mandarin’s YouTube channel is ranked in the Top 50 channels on YouTube – so a lot of people must be interested in learning Mandarin. Or they’re simply oogling.

The lessons are highly produced and artsy. They also are time-consuming. The “I’m Thirsty” lesson is 38 seconds of close-ups on the models lips and other body parts while the Mandarin translation is spoken.

I’m not sure this is the best way to learn but it certainly is an entertaining way to learn.

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