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Tomboy Style Is A Great Look For Women


Tomboy style is gaining traction among women – and I like it!

Recently menswear inspired fashion has gone mainstream. J.Crew has a range of tomboy products – most notably the Schoolboy Blazer, which must be a successful product for the retailer as they offer it in Petite, Regular and Talls.

Tomboy subject matter is the source of several excellent blogs. One that is particularly well done is “Tomboy Style” by Lizzie Garrett Mettler. LG Mettler has taken an almost archival approach to representing the concept of tomboy style. Her blog is mixed with laydowns of product, style ideas but punctuated with photographs, many in black and white, documenting the simplicity of tomboy style in an all-American context.

As a traditionalist I appreciate the direction of tomboy style. The product is genuine, time-tested and looks terrific on a wide range of body types. Perhaps best of all the cut of some tomboy inspired products does not accentuate muffin-tops and other “problems” where fit and fitness (or lack of fitness) collide in a bad way.

Check out Garrett’s blog. It’s a great way to admire the simple beauty of American women during a more glorious time for our country.

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