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Halfway To Black Friday Is Lame Marketing


In today’s omni-channel world advertising is served up in many ways and places. Big screen, small screen, no screen…advertising exists everywhere.

With so much advertising it’s not hard to imagine how easy it is to find ads that are just plain crappy. Or dumb.

Today is no exception.

Imagine how delighted I am to receive this email from OfficeMax – “It’s Halfway To Black Friday” sale. Whaaat? Has Black Friday now morphed to an annual event? If you recall Black Friday used to be a day, actually THE day that most retailers went from operating in the red (loss) to the black (profit). And that day was the day after Thanksgiving.

Retailers began to promote Black Friday as an event unto itself – as opposed to the day after Thanksgiving sale. Uncreative retailers sought to leverage Black Friday with pre-Black Friday sales online and store openings at midnight of Black Friday. Last year more retailers, like Target, just blew up Black Friday by being open on Thanksgiving.

For OfficeMax, not the most creative retail or marketing entity in the world, it has come to this. Halfway to Black Friday. Totally lame and totally ineffective. It makes me want to stay away from OfficeMax until way after the REAL Black Friday. When I’m done with this article I’m opting out of the “Max Perks” program.

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