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Gay Pride T-shirts Now Available At Target


This Is NOT One Of The T-shirts For Sale

Purveyor of all that is cheap, yet chic, Target is the nation’s #2 discount chain (behind Wal-Mart). And Target is just about to step in “it”.

Target has announced an online charitable partnership with the Family Equity Council, a gay pride organization. The company is selling the T-shirts, including two designed by singer Gwen Stefani, for $12.99.

The product debut comes in time for “gay pride season” next month, which includes the 40th annual Pride festival on June 23 & 24. Gay pride season? I must be living under a rock as I’ve never heard of gay pride season. I’m familiar with football season, deer hunting season and the mother of all seasons observed in rural Minnesota – mud season…but gay pride season. C’mon, Target!

The debut of these T-shirts comes two years after Target was slammed by backlash for financial support for a conservative group backing a Republican gubernatorial candidate, Tom Emmer. Even more bizarre is that Emmer lost to Mark Dayton, whose family started Target as a discount alternative to the Dayton Department Stores in the 1960’s.

A retailer like Target, whose customers represent a broad spectrum of political and social views should steer clear of political and social issues. Business is tough enough without stepping into the fray of social issues that are top of mind right now. Why involve a brand like Target in a polarizing topic like LGBT. It just seems self-destructive.

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