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Is Kellogg’s Brand Refresh Necessary?


Kellogg’s, the venerable leader of breakfast cereals is undergoing a brand reset.

This may be a good idea but it is probably not necessary. The update is showcased the brand’s completely redesigned website, which has launched in the United States and Canada, and will soon roll out worldwide. Other elements of the brand refresh, which will be seen across Kellogg’s portfolio and throughout its websites, packaging, advertising and other marketing materials include a new tagline, “Let’s Make Today Great”.

YIKES! Let’s Make Today Great…that is about as generic as they come.

In the cereal and snack business consumers identify with the product brands. In fact most consumers care very little if Frosted Flakes is a Kellogg’s or General Mills brand. Consumers want quality, consistency and fair prices in their cereals. Very few if any give a tiger’s tail about corporate brand refreshes.

Kellogg’s might be better served by focusing on product brands in their portfolio like Crunchmania, Fruit Harvest or Muselix. Branding in the grocery aisles is where Kellogg’s will get traction…corporate brand resets are largely for internal consumption.

And, by the way, isn’t this the company that just recently nearly put one of their few really iconic brand mascots, Tony the Tiger, into retirement? That’s right, last October I wrote “Tony The Tiger Gets A Reprieve” which exposed the pressure companies like Kellogg’s were under to discontinue marketing to children. Pressure came as a result of a study that found that childhood obesity was caused by mascots like Tony hawking sugary cereals. There’s no argument in my mind that a kid eating 3,000 calories at breakfast will get fat. But blaming Tony is just plain wrong. Work on Mom and Dad before you go after Tony.

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