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Ever since the stock market tanked in 2008 there’s been a new kind of gold rush – advertising gold. Companies advertising gold sales are deeply penetrated in the Fox family of TV and radio channels. Brands like Goldline and Merit Financial are among the heavy-duty omni-channel advertisers.

Economic conditions have made gold attractive as an investment. At the end of October 2008 gold sold for just over $737 an ounce. Today it’s running at $1,550. Very few stocks have performed well over that period with the exception of Apple ($107 in 2008 to $560 now).

So when I began to look into purchasing gold to begin a college fund for a soon-to-be-born grandchild I realized how little I knew about gold.

For example I didn’t realize that you can get into gold for a few hundred dollars by purchasing gold coins. I thought I had to have enough to buy a standard gold bar – which runs approximately 400 ounces. Yikes! That’d be $620K for a bar. A bit rich for me.

Fortunately I found a site that makes gold understandable – The home page features 12 icons with pop-ups that delve into the logistics and benefits of using to buy, store and sell your gold. I was relieved to find that some BullionVault customers start with accounts as low as $100. That’s a far cry from $620,000!

As a marketer I am more readily engaged by great visual presentations. I responded to the because  the home page is essentially an infographic about gold. In short order I was conversant on prices, ways to own gold, storage pros and cons, and perhaps what I knew least about – how the world gold market works. As a result I can now buy gold from an informed point of view…something I didn’t have prior to learning about

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