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Target’s Shops We Love – Is This Merchandising?


While waiting for coffee at the Starbucks in a Target yesterday, I noticed a half-dozen signs suspended from the ceiling around a larger “The Shops – We Couldn’t Help But Fall In Love With”.

The signs were “cute” enough but what was it? Where were the shops?

Apparently Target execs in their travels visit stores of all types. According to the “Shop” commercial, they want to “bring a little piece of the boutique experience to Target.”

A lofty goal that’s way easier said then done and will take more than a few signs.

Go to any boutique or independent shop – what’s the first thing that happens? You are greeted by the owner or employee. Have you ever been acknowledged by Target employees until you check out? Probably not.

Why go to a boutique? Service, quality and unique style. Go to Target, but probably not for those reasons.

The shops we love concept is interesting but most likely a bigger lift for the Polka Dog Bakery and Cos Bar (a couple of the shops they couldn’t help but fall in love with) than it will for Target.

This concept illustrates Target’s prowess in marketing and operations and exposes their weakness as innovative merchants.

If you want the boutique experience…go to a boutique. If you want a great price on strawberries…go to Target.


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