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Starbucks De-Bugs Frapuccinos


I’ll have a Grande Frappuccino, with extra whipped cream and hold the bugs.

Strawberries & Creme Frappuchinos at Starbucks Corp.will no longer feature a splash of bug — the coffee giant is ditching the red dye made from crushed beetles. Yikes!

Just weeks after the world’s largest coffee chain took serious PR heat from vegan groups and public relations gurus for switching to commonly used cochineal beetles to color its Strawberry Frappuccinos, the company says that bugs are coming out and tomato-based extract is coming in.

Even the folks at PETA are happy about the move. (I didn’t think PETA people were ever happy about anything). “Starbucks clearly learned from its error after switching to a dye from insects,” says David Byer, senior corporate liaison at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. “Since no one, vegetarian or not, wants beetle juice in their Frap, everyone will soon be able to celebrate the fact that it’s gone for good.”

Apparently this was an issue for some people.

But I can’t help wondering why someone who’s worried about the fate of bugs can’t switch from Frappucinno’s to another simpler drink like an Americano? With 300 to 500 (depending of flavor) calories in the Grande sized Frap, consumers have taken a bite out of the 1,600 calories recommended for daily consumption by adults.

Perhaps it’s time to stop obsessing on the fate of bugs and obsessing more on what we consume daily.

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