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The Upcoming Social Media Crash


Rick Mathieson, author of two best-selling business titles on Amazon – “On Demand Brand” and “Branding Unbound”, presented to the Colorado chapter of the Business Marketing Association in Denver. This guy is wickedly smart.

Mathieson has been spearheading the mobile marketing sector since the late ’90’s. This makes him either very cutting edge or a seeyer = and I’d opt for the former.

Rick’s message resonated with the 60 or so marketers (young and old) in attendance.

Social media is trending for a major “correction”. The term correction is often tied to abrupt downturns in the stock market. That’s exactly what Mathieson expects to happen in social media. He noted the percentage declines in numbers mobile users participating in social media. Of course percentages can be somewhat misleading as the sheer number of smartphone ownership has changed the use of social media on the smallest of screens.

Mathieson believes social media is not the panacea for brand marketing. Agreed. He says social media is not the silver bullet. Yup.

Mathieson boldly predicts that within 12 months social media will experience a perception shift 180 degrees opposite of how we view social media today – that’d be mid-April 2013. Mathieson predicts that social media will become more close-knit and brands will covet fewer “friends” and “likes”.

He sees trends such as “Smart Advertising”, Branded Games, Social Retail and Augmented Reality replacing Facebook and Twitter as the new opportunities for brands looking to connect with their target audiences.

Are u ready?

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  1. 04/12/2012 12:03 pm

    Very interesting ideas. This post overlaps very neatly with a post I created last night. It looks at the same topic but from a slightly different angle. You and Rick Mathieson look at it purely from a marketing/advertising standpoint. I look at it from a corporate strategy perspective. But irrespective of the point of view, the final conclusion is the same. A hot bubble has been brewing in the social media space for quite some time and it is imminently nearing its end. The bubble will burst soon — interesting to read about Rick Mathieson’s predictions for this taking place by mid-April next year. Only time will tell.

    Here is a link to my blog post:

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