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Inbound Marketing Is Big For 2012


Marketing used to be about paying for your audience’s attention while trying to lure them away from whatever else they were doing. The internet has changed that mission considerably. Inbound marketing encompasses a number of tactics that attract your audience with useful, relevant information. That doesn’t sound anything like what they’re doing on Mad Men.

The social web and constant evolution of technology have made inbound marketing the most sought-after tactic for businesses in 2012.

On average almost half of all companies are allocating more dollars to inbound marketing in 2012. Why? Well, there’s the competition thing, of course, but more importantly well over half of all companies had enough success with inbound in 2011 to warrant the uptick in spending.

Interestingly small businesses are more likely to spend a larger portion of their marketing budget on inbound marketing. A whopping 43 percent of small businesses (those with 1 – 5 employees) are planning to increase their inbound marketing spend in 2012. Why? It’s efficient, measurable and, most importantly, effective. It’s likely these small businesses do not have advertising agencies guiding them to other marketing channels. It’s fairly certain the same small businesses do not have the budget to support TV or radio…so they’re being creative with their ad spend. What a concept!

You don’t have to be a small business to take advantage of inbound marketing. It is imperative, regardless of the size of your business to take inbound marketing seriously – NOW!

Thanks to the G+ Team for compiling the numbers from,,, and To see the G+ info graphic on this click here.

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