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Dollar Shave Club Is Blushing


Dollar Shave Club founder Michael Dubin is blushing…although it may be tough to tell under the lather.

It’s only been 6 days since we posted, “Dollar Shave Club – A Smooth Idea“, since then Dubin’s cheeky video/commercial called “Our Blades Are F***ing Great” on You Tube has been viewed a hair over 3.15 million times. That’s more than double the views in less than a week! That’s about 100 times more than those who went to see “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” last weekend.

With the popularity of Durbin’s video has come breathtaking sales. What happens when your “infomercial” on You Tube goes viral and orders go through the roof? You run out of inventory…which appears to be exactly what happened to Dollar Shave Club this week. I chose the $6 a month package which is mid-level between the $1 and the $9 a month “Executive”.

In yesterday’s inbox came an email from Dollar Shave Club:

“Wow. We’re blushing.

Over the past week, you have validated more than 18 months of hard work & preparation. We are thrilled you think there’s a better way to shop for a shave, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to prove you right.

Safe to say, we weren’t expecting the demand we saw. After all, this was our label printer last week:”

Dollar Shave Club Label Printer

So we know Dollar Shave Club is off to a fast start. I’m still waiting for my first shipment. According to Durbin’s email, orders will be shipped March 21st. DSC is using the US Postal Service to deliver DSC products. It’s likely DSC will opt to partner with UPS going forward as the post office is slow and spotty.

Until then I’m unsure as to Dollar Shave Club’s ability to deliver on a terrific proposition. I hope they can get it figured out. My chin depends on it.


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