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America’s Navy – A Global Force For Good Is 100% On Target


Nothing speaks to authority like numbers. Numbers are precise. Politicians mostly avoid them as numbers present the unvarnished perspective on the future or reflection of the past.

In fact numbers, or stats, metrics, goals, are a large part of what drives our obsession with sports like baseball and football. Numbers are present at every element of the game. Stats can be sliced, diced and hashed out in numerous ways – faster than A 4-3 in baseball.

Using numbers to frame a brand’s proposition. One of the most famous ad campaigns of all time comes from a number. In the 1960’s Avis Rent A Car publicly admitted it wasn’t number one – up to that point a no-no within advertising circles. Being number 2 gave credibility to the Avis claim, “We Try Harder”.

Physicians prefer numbers but don’t always see them as black and white. Operations departments covet numbers and monitor themselves completely by numbers.

The military loves numbers. That’s why this spot for the US Navy works so powerfully. The numbers do the talking. The Navy does the walking (or is that sailing?).

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