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Strong Passwords Protect You Online


True identities can be difficult to verify online.

As more personal data, communication and transactions are performed online…that fact can be more than a little discerning.

Oddly enough many of us are nonchallant about the passwords we use. “Password” ranks first on password management application provider SplashData’s annual list of worst internet passwords. Yikes! “PasswΟrd,” with a numeral zero, isn’t much smarter, ranking 18th on the list.

Hackers can easily break into many accounts just by repeatedly trying common passwords. So why would someone select any easily hacked password? Sorry, I don’t have the answer to that one.

SplashData created the rankings based on millions of stolen passwords posted online by hackers. Here is a list of the top 5:

  • 1. password
  • 2. 123456
  • 3.12345678
  • 4. qwerty
  • 5. abc123

I’m not sure what a qwerty is – but is the result of hitting the first 6 keys on the top left of a keyboard. Pretty original, eh? No one wants to have their identities or financials hacked. The strongest passwords (and the ones that force hackers to move on) contain letters, in both upper and lower case, and numbers. Having multiple passwords is even more bullet proof. If keeping track of passwords is keeping you back, use password manager software like Kaspersky Password Manager or RoboForm Pro.

Don’t throw a softball to bad guys by using 123456 or qwerty as your password. It’s not worth the risk.

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