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Anthropologie’s Catalog Delivers Creatively


Dramatic Overhead Product Shot

Anthropologie is one of the few multi-channel retailers that is publishing fantastic catalogs these days. Most catalogs are filled with predictable shots of attractive people cavorting or looking sullen in beautiful settings.

I don’t know much about Anthropologies product, but my wife is fond of several of the brands’ products she’s purchased. To me it looks like a range of products for waif-like women who live in sparsely decorated apartments back east…but that’s just me.

According to their website, “Anthropologie products are an expression of our customer’s appreciation for artfulness and good design. To that end, our buyers and designers travel the world to uncover special products and to collaborate with talented artisans. Our assortment includes clothing, accessories, shoes, beauty, home furnishings, found objects, gifts and décor that exhibit influences ranging from vintage to global.” Based upon what I’ve seen I’d say mission accomplished.

The March catalog that arrived yesterday and, while short on copy, is put together with terrific creative work. The product is presented so it can be clearly viewed while simultaneously looking fantastic, which is easier said than done. For example the overhead shots (looking straight down –  like the image above) on products arranged on the floor are refreshing. Another effective product shot (at right) mixes several pairs of pants laid down with a pair of legs mixed in! Both presentations cause a near double take – which results in spending a bit more time looking at the product – which might lead to purchasing. I believe that’s the whole purpose behind producing a catalog – right?

Hats off to the creative team that put the book together. There’s been a dearth of this kind of creative handling of merchandise for some time now. Perhaps with David McCreight, formerly of Lands’ End, at the helm Anthropologie will be a leader in a world lacking leadership.

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  1. 03/01/2012 7:16 am

    unrealistic … no teenage girls room looks like that !!!

    • 03/01/2012 7:46 am

      I agree. I don’t believe teens are the target audience. Hopefully I didn’t infer that Anthropologie is for teens.

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