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Driver Keselowski Tweets During Daytona 500


Photo Tweeted During Daytona 500 Race

Texting while driving is the source of pubic debate among legislators, law enforcement officials and proponents of the nanny state. I wonder what those folks would say about a tweeting Daytona 500 driver?

That’s exactly what happened at last night’s rain delayed Daytona 500.

A bizarre accident involving  Juan  Montoya’s disabled car and track maintenance vehicle set off a huge fire – fueled by the truck’s jet fuel powered equipment. Drivers waited out the 90 minute delay on the track.

However one driver, Brad Keselowski (@keselowski) was busy on another sphere. He was tweeting about the race. He sent pictures, too. Got to be a first.

In the process Keselowski picked up over 100,000 followers to his Twitter account – which could be a land-speed record for the “most followers picked up in brief time” class.

I’m not certain that Keselowski’s antics will win him big favor among parents of teens. I do hope that he isn’t using the products of his sponsor, Miller Brewing, while driving a NASCAR vehicle. That’d really put him in the dog house.

What this does for social media is interesting. It creates a new genre of “extreme tweeting” where the object is to be tweeting in odd, difficult, if not insane places, just for the heck of it. With events like the Olympics coming up – tweeting while competing could go to whole new level.

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