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Why Don’t Marketers Advertise Themselves?


Seth Godin in his Blog raises an interesting question today.

Godin says, “Ad agencies don’t run many ads for themselves.” Godin is absolutely right.

The same can be said for a lot of other small businesses but Godin’s observation raises the question. If you’re in the business of marketing, why wouldn’t you market yourself?

Godin continues, “Spending money on your own account is a difficult psychological hurdle. Lots of small businesses get stuck in this chasm, happy to pitch, to network, to send out proposals and to work far into the night, but hesitate when it comes time to pay actual cash money for marketing, trade show booths or other sorts of media.”

Finally Godin writes the question that pierces the issue completely, “The question is: do successful businesses spend money on media, or does spending money on media make you successful?”

Here’s where I agree with Seth completely. The answer to his question is a little bit of both. I’ve worked with a number of bootstrapping entrepreneurs over the last couple of years. Most are really good at what they do. Nearly all are terrified of spending money to promote what they do. It’s a chicken/egg scenario, but I am convinced that promoting your brand is imperative. Organic growth can be good but accelerated growth coming from a great marketing footprint is exhilarating.

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  1. 02/24/2012 5:56 am

    If you get result, who cares where does it come from, except it is better if it is for free.

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