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Who Is Paul McCartney? – Your Brand’s Legacy Is A Nanosecond


Much to do on social media yesterday after the Grammy’s.

One of the bigger questions, which should dumbfound those of us who know better, is the Twitter chatter about, “WTF is Paul McCartney?”. One of the latest trending topics on Twitter revolves around people asking about Paul McCartney person is…who is he?

To some people, McCartney was a new artist that they just discovered thanks to the Grammys. To others — possibly most of the world over age 35+, the fact that people didn’t know the Fab Four member is a head scratcher.

Wait a second Millenials…without Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl might be selling amps at the Guitar Store and Lady Gaga could just as easily be hawking mascara at Macy’s.

This is not about age bashing. Rather it’s a wake up call to brands and companies who rely on their “heritage” to appeal to today’s consumers. Whoops, that strategy is not working.

We are, like it or not, in a “right here, right now” space in time. Apps, social media, QR codes – all deliver immediacy.

Consumers, especially those on the younger end of the spectrum, are exposed to an ever-growing volume of data, images, impressions, games and videos. Much information is delivered via phone but tablets, notebooks and TV’s are part of the pipeline of influence.

As a result your brand’s successful product launch of 2009 or proprietary service solution launched in 2010 do not register on the awareness scale for a large chunk of the consuming audience.

Why should one be bothered with the past?

Good question. One worth answering. The past delivers the future. Keep that in mind.

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