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Bacon Shake Wakes Up Your Bacon Craving


Bacon is a favorite of many. Among that crowd there’s a saying that, “the only thing better than bacon – is more bacon”, which pretty much sums up their position on the pork product.

Baconing up everything has been a popular tome on the Internet for years now. I was a big fan of the “Bacon Explosion” recipe a couple years back. It is a very entertaining dish to serve.

But Jack in the Box is really getting after it with news that the store is rolling out a limited quantity of bacon milkshakes across the country.

According to Jack in the Box’s Web site, the 16 oz bacon milkshake packs 773 calories and 40 grams and fat along with 12 sweet grams of protein.

For those interested in how you can attempt this on your own, the restaurant says the shake is flavored with Torani bacon syrup rather than real bacon. Which is good because when you’re going to get a bacon milkshake, you want the most unhealthy route possible.

A spokesperson for the chain says the offer is “as limited as limited can be” so if you want your arteries clogged in the most extravagant and shameful way possible, you better act fast.

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