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Woolrich’s Freedom Throw Is Inspired By America’s Greatness


Cause marketing is all the rage these days. Brands are buddying up to non profits or cause related entities to create another level of connection with their target audience. Cause marketing can feel a little disingenuous if not based upon a logical connection or reason.

However when a brand connects with a cause for genuine reasons, the results can be stunningly positive – both for the brand and the cause.

Last week while attending the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City I was introduced to an honest-to-goodness, cause-based relationship that began without a thought given to marketing.

Woolrich, the woolen mill in Central Pennsylvania started in 1830, has a history rich with beautifully made woolen products. One of Woolrich’s greatest assets is its people. Some current employees are third generation Woolrich workers.

Soon after 9/11 lifelong employee Susan Moshier, grieving the lost of American lives and perhaps America’s innocence, dreamed up what was to become known as the Freedom Throw. The Freedom Throw resembles the US flag with a few modifications. Sales of the Freedom Throw have been brisk since it was first introduced.

Woolrich has been astounded by the continued popularity of the Freedom Throw. Building on this interest Woolrich has donated a portion of Freedom Throw sales to the Wounded Warrior Project as well as donating the throws to returning veterans. The Freedom Throw has taken Woolrich down a path of giving it never planned to take. Today, given the opportunity to help veterans in need, Woolrich gladly allows the Freedom Throw to help others.

Remarkably, Woolrich remains relatively understated about its donations. It is crystal clear that Woolrich, guided by the inspired vision of employees like Moshier, builds the Freedom Throw not as a cause marketing opportunity but because it can and it should.

To me there’s no better cause than doing what you do best and sharing that with others.

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