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Gatorade’s Win From Within A Winner


If you’re watching the NFL playoffs you’ve likely seen Gatorade’s Win From Within spot called “It Isn’t Enough“.

The spot’s premise is exactly on target. Marketing to the competitive athlete or participant has long been the domain of brands such as Under Armour, Nike and Adidas. The focus is typically gear. Clothing that wicks or cools, lighter or faster shoes and, of course, looking cool.

But Gatorade has grabbed the opportunity to position its product as fundamentally imperative to peak athletic performance. And with a deft hand Gatorade says all that other stuff is fluff. Because winning comes from within. Gatorade’s pitch is distilled into this statement, ” Gatorade athletes know what they put on isn’t enough. Once you have everything for the outside, it’s time to start thinking about what you put on the inside. Sport is driven from the inside out.”


Gatorade’s goal, according to Advertising Age, is to wrestle some of the money that high school and college athletes spend on gear. Ironically it’s estimated the US’s 23 million teens spend $100 billion annually, with about 34 percent going to clothes and shoes while only 17 percent is spent on food.

Gatorade, recognizing its target audience, is leveraging Twitter for this campaign and already has over 54,000 followers on its Gatorade page where jocks tweet about their workout routine or celebrity athletes like Serena Williams tweets motivations like, “Pain is only temporary but quitting lasts forever #winfromwithin what are you doing to win from within?”

The approach is perfect blend of marketing savvy and terrific execution that, if successful, might even heighten awareness about food consumption among teens and college kids. Clearly that’d be a good thing.

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