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Penthouse Pleasure Shots Ignite An Odd Brand Collaboration


Want to amp up your sex life? Just stop by your local convenience store and pick up Penthouse Shots.

That’s right…the folks at Penthouse magazine are entering the $20 billion a year sexual enhancement sector with Performance Shot for men and Pleasure Shot for women. According to, Penthouse has, “since 1969, been shaping adult sexuality through its publication. In addition to its sexy and sensual pictorials, Penthouse™ Magazine articles have covered subjects on politics, lifestyle and of course, sexual wellness. Who knew they had articles?

The Performance Shot for men is designed, with natural ingredients, to “ignite desire and stamina”, while Pleasure Shots for the ladies will, “ignite relaxation and sensation”.

The collaboration of Penthouse with Prestige, a spirits importer with obscure brands such as Jaguar vodka, is a stretch. Clever packaging or a catchy name will generate some novelty sales. But will Penthouse Shots be able to stand on their own?

It’s likely the Penthouse Shots products are a set-up for Penthouse branded spirits. I can see it now, where some booze is designed for men to “ignite the courage to ask her to dance”, or for her where Penthouse booze will “ignite the willingness to say yes”.

The entire concept feels forced to me…but I’m not looking to ignite anything except the spark plugs in my car’s engine in the morning. I am not the target audience – and entirely pleased to know that.

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