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Flash Mobs – One More Reason To Avoid The Mall


As if kamikaze drivers in the parking ramp and throngs of people aimlessly meandering through a mall aren’t enough to repel a person from going to the mall – now there’s a new reason. And it can be dangerous. “Smash and Grab” flash mobs.

Late yesterday afternoon some groups that were as large as 100 and potentially as many as 200 stormed through parts of the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.

Several stores, including Nordstrom, closed internal gates to the mall court, and a few stayed closed for the evening, one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

More than 30 Bloomington police plus officers from the Metro Transit Authority and neighboring communities responded.

I was in the Apple store setting up an iPad when I received a call from my wife who was being herded by a line of police in the opposite direction of the Apple store. She didn’t know what was going on but didn’t wan to be headed the direction she was being directed. I left Apple, using mobile phones found my wife, we exited the mall from the nearest exit in Bloomingdale’s. Passing several groups of thugs we hustled to our car, now on the opposite side of where we’d exited.

Using a couple of driving moves right out of Mission Impossible 4 I blasted out of the mall ramp and exit lanes – which were gridlocked with scared and confused shoppers.

Had this been a big time emergency like a bomb blast or dirty bomb explosion there’d been a level of helplessness that I prefer not to think about.

As we tore away from the Mall of America, my wife said it well, she said “I’m so over the mall”. I’m sticking to eCommerce myself.

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