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Heineken Beer Friender App Is Social Networking Genius


There are very few guys on the planet who wouldn’t want one of these for Christmas. Heineken’s Beer Tender is counter top beer tap for enjoying draught beer at home. The product is a joint venture between Heineken and Krups – best known for their handy kitchen appliances such as espresso machines.

The conundrum for guys this holiday season (you know, we’re in an age of austerity not excessiveness) is that it’s not the kind of thing you buy for yourself around the holidays. At $150 it’s a little pricey but the premise of buying a beer dispenser at Christmas when you could be giving to others is the challenge.

Thanks to a new app and social media the problem is solved!

On Heineken’s Facebook page you can identify a “friend” who wants to buy a Beer Tender but doesn’t want to purchase it for himself. With Beer Friender both “friends” purchase a Beer Tender simultaneously, sharing virtual gifting, while gifting and receiving the gift they really want – a Beer Tender.

The beauty of Beer Friender, unlike so many other social networking tactics, is that is designed solely to sell product. Pure and simple. Leveraging the accessibility of Facebook to drive sales is smart. Hopefully there’s a beer friend in your future.

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  1. hudson permalink
    12/21/2011 2:31 pm

    Actually when you use it on facebook you actually get a better price on the beer tender too which makes it cool.

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